Traditional stories, like myths, fables and fairy tales, have not only entertained people through the ages: they provide a way to survive in the world. And they can provide a way to strengthen ourselves and our writing.

This magical seminar will help you find inspiration and community while you create your own myth, fable or fairy tale based on an existing story. Explore character, plot, setting, voice and theme in fairy tales and learn how to bring them to life for a contemporary audience. By studying these craft elements, using your own experiences and delving into your emotions, you will begin to develop a new work that can help enchant and, ultimately, heal you and your reader.

Saturday January 22, 4-5 PST

No enrollment limit.

One-hour Seminar includes PowerPoint, discussion, reading list and PDF

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The very same class, recorded so you can access it at any time by just clicking on a link! Link will be sent to you once payment is made.

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