“In her renowned style, Francesca Lia Block creates postmodern worlds that are as magical as they are familiar, as haunting as they are beautiful, and in which love reigns supreme. LAY ME OUT SOFTLY includes both previously published and original work.” (Amazon.com)

 Reviews from Amazon.com:

“Francesca Lia Block’s stories are magical healers, and this fantastic collection of Block’s short stories is no exception. Francesca weaves her magic into tales of loss, pain and fear, leaving her characters, and her readers, with a sense of hope.” –Jessica Bell, Amazon Customer

“Dive into these stories on a dark night and hang out with a private investigator, zombies, a stripper, a killer, werewolves, and ghosts. Each story is vivid, supernatural, and engrossing…The imagery in these stories will haunt you once you’ve had a glimpse!”–Valentine, Amazon Customer

Lay Me Out Softly is like a charm bracelet of stories clinking together in one beautiful package... Block’s words are whimsical and magical...” –Melanie Terrill, Amazon Customer

“Don’t be fooled by her young adult books. Her stories are ageless…If you are new to her magical worlds, this is as good a start as any. Even if you do not enjoy mythical creatures, you will love this book because it is about people, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they look like. It is a book about hearts.” –Kallista, Amazon Customer

“…this is the anthology Block fans were waiting for. If you want to read something that shows you magic in the everyday, get it. Like, now.” KanMae West

“These twelve pieces are enthralling, passionate, and frequently hilariously funny... Characters seek affection in varying forms while magic- always present- aids, hinders, or teaches…This is a book that readers will gladly return to again and again.” –Justina, Amazon Customer

“Block continues to take modern themes…as well as classic tales…and spin and reinvent them into something both uniquely her own and resoundingly familiar. It is that familiarity, that cozy soft place that she creates with her words that keeps us coming back for more...” –Carmen Staton, Amazon Customer

“She somehow manages to take me to another world yet allows me to feel deeply at home at the same time…These stories are affirming, magical, real.” –girlnyc, Amazon Customer

“i feel like someone has bundled up in little bursts all the inspiring things that i go to her work to get…if you do not know Francesca yet, this is a wonderful way to sample her flavors.” –mikeymikes, Amazon Customer

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