Logan Brendt is a writer, editor, and artist based in Los Angeles.

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Twenty-five years ago in April, I celebrated the publication of my first book, WEETZIE BAT (the story of a platinum-haired pixie and her band of surf punk friends roaming the streets, beaches and nightclubs of Los Angeles), at an art gallery where I worked and where my father, Irving Alexander Block, had shown his transcendent oil and watercolor paintings of my mother, Gilda, and her flowers, for years before his death in 1986.

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Birthed out of the house show scene in blustery Olympia, WA, Globelamp is the moniker of singer-songwriter, Elizabeth Le Fey. More than a simple, flowery sprite, Globelamp has teeth, and her bite will sting just as easily as it soothes. Her shows contain more punk energy than drunk boys playing punk rock, and are about as unique as a vision of Syd Barrett's imagined manic little sister.


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This is Rowan Katz. She came up to me at LATFOB asking me to sign her copy of I WAS A TEENAGE FAIRY.

I asked her if she'd model one of my Dangerous Angels T-shirts. Rowan is a writer and a musician and she has a tough-Weetzie vibe.  Check her out here Rowan Katz


Rowan Katz is a diehard Los Angeles rascal, born and raised in Hollywood. She is a fledgling writer of prose, poetry, music, scathing journalism, and compulsive late night/early morning diary entries. Rowan will be attending school in New York this coming Fall, where she hopes to continue filling her mind, body, and soul with a myriad of food, art, and people of all kinds. In the future, she hopes to rule the world.

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Name: Paris by Yves Saint Laurent Distinguishing Characteristics: This 1983 creation by master perfumer Sophia Grojsman is a perfectly balanced essay in rose-- buttressed with violet, well-blended florals and green notes.

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