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this burning in my ears this buzzing in my eyes
even my nose can't smell gauged inside so i'd look better?
and there's no one to touch
you told me not to write any more poems about you
but its hard when the child has half your face
and half mine
and poetry is the only sense i have left

my heart so damaged its like carrying around a teacup
hairline cracks can't wait to break
i get up from the table in the restaurant
careful careful not to fall apart
no one notices my white jeans
not one of these men says, you look nice
why do i care?
stumble to the ladies room not drunk i just can't see

my daughter's skin is like milkpearls and she wishes the veins didn't show through
an old woman hated on for wearing a bikini at the beach
of course i feel trapped by my body of course i want
someone to comfort it

how many men really loved me when they came inside
i only need one more who does
if i could only love him too

i'll take a giant this time with a library ascending to the ceiling
a jacaranda tree, some shelves of oddities
and a broken tea set
we'll sit around at night and mend it in the dark with words,
by feel

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