Writing Class: for the dreamer within

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Hi lovely ladies & gentlemen 

Summer is a wonderful time to relax and reload; filled with sea salt swims and bites of ripened berries & nectarines. If you're looking to mingle these moments of calm with some writing, come join me in Culver City on your Tuesday afternoons. I'm offering an in-person class starting July 5th (Tuesdays 11:30-2:30) for ten weeks. This is an opportunity for all to nourish those mental seeds of inspiration and spark them into existence. 

Bring your short stories, your memoirs, poetry, and plays! Students may submit up to 10 pages of work per week. We will read and critique in class. Space is limited, so contact us now! www.francescaliablock.com/contact

Tuesdays don't work? For more information: 

If Tuesdays don't work or you're not rooted in Los Angeles, I'm starting my online class in a couple days on June 13th. We will go over 12 Questions To Help Structure Your Novel (or poetry cycle/short story/memoir). You will be able to submit up to 5 pages of work a week for feedback and critique, as well as respond and provide the same for your peers' work. Lectures and exercises will be mailed weekly. 

For more information on either classes contact me at: www.francescaliablock.com/contact