Weetzie Bat Wedding Vibes by Aurora Lady and Augusta Gail


"There was once a time where I didn't have Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat in my clutches at any given moment, but I don't remember it. I read it at age 12 and it has shaped me in fantastic ways I never could have predicted, including the way I style and put together shoots. Weetzie definitely had her hand in this particular project, so much that Augusta and I joked that the theme was "Weetzie Bat Wedding Vibes". But, you know, it's true. As much as this shoot was about my bestie and I getting together for a few hours and shooting otherworldly wedding looks, it was a celebration of what Weetzie has brought to the both of us."-- Aurora

"I was in my early 20’s the first time I read Weetzie Bat.  I felt like I could see my future in those pages – living in Hollywood where palm trees are planted like jewels and the sunset looks like spun sugar, moving through the world like Weetzie in all her punk rock, romantic glory.  Francesca’s words felt like home to me, and I’ve never felt so connected to a character as I do to Weetzie.  My BFF Aurora (who, fittingly enough, is the one who introduced me to Francesca’s work) and I spent a day drinking coffee, frolicking in a cactus garden, and taking these photographs.  When we looked at the finished images, it was so clear to us that these were Weetzie inspired – full of wild whimsy, rock and roll, and the magic of friendship."  –Augusta