Weetzie Bat Movie Update

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So, thank you all for your patience. And in advance for more patience! Above is the cover of the lookbook Elgin James made for Fox Searchlight when we met with them about Weetzie. (No, that's not Marilyn Monroe; its Scarlett Johanssen but she's not going to be in the movie). Elgin is now rewriting the script and hopefully we will go back and meet with Fox again soon!

I met Elgin when I sent him a tweet of appreciaton for his film, Little Birds, the story of two girls who run away from their dying town on the shores of The Salton Sea to join a gang of skaters in Los Angeles.

Elgin and I did an event at The Last Bookstore. 

IMG 1697

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And he and his lovely wife Liz and I all saw Patti Smith together.

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Here is a tarot reading about Weetzie that The Oracle of Los Angeles did for me:

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Note the pregnant woman about to give birth in a field of watermelons and the end result: the joyful, childlike Fool dancing with a Lanky Lizard. I think that is me giving birth to Weetzie! What do you think?

Elgin and I promise to keep you posted about the movie. I've been waiting for this for  almost thirty years, so I understand!