Weetzie Bat Fashion

When I wrote WEETZIE BAT in the early 1980'S I was obsessed with the color pink, leather motorcycle jackets, leopard prints, vintage prom dresses, beaded cardigans and rhinestone jewelry, engineer boots and creepers. I had no idea that more than a quarter century later not only would I still love these things, but so would at least two more generations of young women. I'm so excited when I see these fashions showing up everywhere. For example, the UK line Shrimps is making leopard coats with pink or blue detachable collars and  TUK (also a UK brand--does that tell you something?) has a pink velvet vegan creeper that Weetzie would love! As I work on developing the Weetzie movie with director Elgin James, it's so fun to imagine Weetzie and her fashions brought to life.  I am even trying to experiment with some of these fashions for myself, although when my 14- year-old daughter saw my pink creepers in the closet she yelped, "Whose are these? They're so ugly! You have to take them back." I wore them anyway, to a Blogcademy event with the amazing, brilliant and beautiful Gala Darling, Shauna Haider and Kat Williams. Because if you can't wear creepers at 52 in a room full of gorgeous, creative young women with glittery bunny or cat  ears, or flower crowns and blue hair, where can you wear them? Come to think of it, I might just get a leopard coat, too.




papa puss pink a

Shrimps Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

tuk creepers