Weetzies, Witch Babies and Violets Take My Classes!

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I love my students and this group (Jasmin, Tiffany, Laura, Augusta, Alanz) was particularly well-matched. We spent the last ten Sundays reading magical, sexy pages about living in a Venice Beach lifeguard stand, being in a band, seeing ghosts, falling in love in a morgue and being confined to an institution where the main activitity is to sleep and dream of an even stranger world  than the one you come from.

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On the last day I captured them in golden hour light.   Turns out my words are written on two of their bodies and one of their license plates (see below). Their names are written on my heart.

New classes on 1/9 (one day class with Denise Hamilton),  1/11 (online class) aand 1/17 (ten week class like this one) www.francescaliablock.com/contact to reach me for more details.

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