We Heart Dark Fairytales

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From The Rose and The Beast, to The Singing Bones, my upcoming film collaboration with Danishka Esterhazy, fairy tales have been an influence in my work. In fact, it all started earlier than that when I was first introduced to the original tales by my parents. I am a fan of Anne Sexton's Transformations, Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and Emma Donoghue's Kissing the Witch. I think of all of my novels as dark fairy tales in some way, including The Elementals, and even the erotic thriller Beyond the Pale Motel.  

If you'd like to discuss fairy tales with me please consider coming to this panel at Comicaze this Friday, October 30th, at 5 pm

And you may also want to check out the one week class on writing the fairy tale that I'm doing at 24 Pearl Street this February.  (The website may still say October but the dates have been changed to Feb. 1-5).

Fairy tales have danger, beauty, magic and, perhaps most importantly, symbolism that reflects ancient Goddess truths to sustain us in troubled times. Let's explore together!