The Singing Bones

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Two years ago at UCLA Extension Studio, where I was teaching Writing the Novel, I met Danishka Esterhazy, a filmmaker with a love of dark fairy tales, and lyrical, high-drama female-empowered stories. I saw her beautiful film clips that did complete justice to the genre I'm so obsessed with, and said, "Let's make a fairy tale movie."

Two years later Danishka approached me via Twitter  (Twitter has radically changed and improved my life--more on that another time) and said, "Let's do this thing."

We picked the story "Bones" from The Rose and the Beast. It's a punky, feminist retelling of Bluebeard. Danishka wrote a script, her producers Ashley Hirt and Rebecca Gibson signed on and then we hit Indie Go-Go for funding.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! We love you!

We came close to our goal and shooting will take place in San Francisco in late August.

This is my new motto, To make your dreams come true, you have to do it yourself. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Love, flb