Taking Aim: Teens And Guns Edited By Michael Cart

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Here's the new anthology I'm in! My dear friend, the wonderful, brilliant author, editor and critic, Michael Cart, who has championed my work since Weetzie Bat came out in 1989, asked me to write a story about guns for him. My story was based on the incident in which Antoinette Tuff convinced a teen to put down his gun. I'm so honored to be in this anthology with such great writers. And I'm especially excited to be in a colletion with Joyce Carol Oates! Her novel Blonde about Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorites and I use it a lot in my teaching to talk about switching points of view in a poetic and meaningful way.

Taking Aim: Teens and Guns feels especially important and timely because of all the horrible incidents involving gun violence going down these days. I hope this book will make a difference.