Rowan in her Dangerous Angels T-Shirt

This is Rowan Katz. She came up to me at LATFOB asking me to sign her copy of I WAS A TEENAGE FAIRY.

I asked her if she'd model one of my Dangerous Angels T-shirts. Rowan is a writer and a musician and she has a tough-Weetzie vibe.  Check her out here Rowan Katz


Rowan Katz is a diehard Los Angeles rascal, born and raised in Hollywood. She is a fledgling writer of prose, poetry, music, scathing journalism, and compulsive late night/early morning diary entries. Rowan will be attending school in New York this coming Fall, where she hopes to continue filling her mind, body, and soul with a myriad of food, art, and people of all kinds. In the future, she hopes to rule the world.