Rough Magick Reading At Stories, Echo Park

I felt like a proud mama hosting a reading of Rough Magick stories at one of my favorite bookstores, Stories in Echo Park.

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Amanda Yates Garcia, the Oracle of Los Angeles, (who was also celebrating her birthday that evening) started things off with a passage from "Spell to Mend A Broken Heart."

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“You will need:

• An obsidian arrowhead
• A red cord
• A pile of rocks
• Clay
• A lock of his hair
• A sharp knife”

She was followed by Haunt author Laura Lee Bahr reading "Rat Head."

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“That was the day they cured their hangovers with cheap wine, and there were fat flies covering the screen door.  That was the day they walked around his condo naked and he sang "I put a spell on you" in a bravado tenor.  That was the day she threw a glass at his head.
            He ducked.
            That was the day that she did truly love him, and it.
            His Rat-Head.”

Next came Logan Brendt, Rough Magick contributor and cover designer/model reading "Four."

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“I really wanted to change, but it’s hard to overcome your mind with your own fucked up mind.”

Manuel Chavarria read from “Home At Last.”

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“‘I burned them’” she said. ‘I burned every last one. They were cursed.’ Then the cough erupted from her. A thin stream of blood dribbled from the corner of her mouth. “I left her behind. I had to.” Her eyes fell away again, and she gurgled her final words: ‘Look at what she’s done to me.’"

Sarah Herrington contributed with a reading from "Venus."

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“We were not sick, only hungry.
We ate and ate until the whole thing was gone.”

Tracy DeBrincat read from  “Help Me Find My Killer.”

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“Peg thought love could free her, unloose her from the self she was born with and turn her into something beautiful with wings. She was wrong. Love couldn’t do that. Not love as she knew it.
But maybe death could.”

Mary Pauline Lowry gave us a piece from “Quakies.”

rsz img 3407
“ ‘It’s the tooth from the tumor that ate my ovary,’ Maddy envisioned Patricia saying. ‘How cool is that?’”  

Edgar award nominee and acclaimed L.A. mystery writer Denise Hamilton read from "When The Carnival Came to Town."

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"Later after showering, eating, and crawling into bed bone weary, I imagined Lenore in a lace-up bodice and flowing skirt, declaiming lines for the carnival bosses gathered around her, their figures casting giant shadows in the moonlight.
I felt sure she’d get the job.
I’m not sure why that made me uneasy."

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Adam Greenberg finished off the evening with a piece from his novel My Best Friend Hildgard (Dangerous Angel press)

“She shopped at the department stores of Hell, bought tons of fine clothing studded with jewels and flower petals, crowns and earrings encrusted with shards of platinum and diamonds. She allowed her demons lovers, painfully gorgeous elf-like charming drunken rich college student slackers, to wine and dine her and take her on thrilling dates, driving her through midnight countrysides in their evil-looking convertibles on warm summer ghostly nights.”

“’Your pain, your longing is a gift,” she said. ‘It is divine pain, longing, discontent, and it is burning all your hindrances. Your heart is so unencumbered by the shackles of  Satan  that no amount of  affection can ever satisfy you anyway. Your fierce Love of the Void makes you insatiable.’”

You can order Rough Magick here.
And My Best Friend Hildegard here.