Rough Magick Anthology Is A Real Book Now

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Rough Magick, edited by Jessa Marie Mendez and me, is now a real book! You can get it here.

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 The anthology features haunting stories and poetry about the darker side of love and sex by Laura Lee Bahr, C.N. Blakemore, Logan Brendt, Manuel Chavarria, Tracy DeBrincat, Jilly Dreadful, Amanda Yates Garcia, Denise Hamilton, Sarah Herrington, Ashley Inguanta, K.T. Ismael, Kira Lees, Mary Pauline Lowry, Jessa Marie Mendez, Justina Aura Nemoy, Francesca Padilla, Genevieve Salazar, Alise Wascom, Tegan Elizabeth Webb, Daniel Weizmann and myself.   Pablo Capra helped us turn our e-book into print. Daniel Weizmann introduced us. Pablo knew my work because two girls once spotted him on a beach and called him a "Duck," then introduced him to my work. It turns out that one of those girls is also one of my recent students! When I visited Pablo at his lovely Santa Monica beach apartment to pick up the proof of the book I was reminded how magical my life really is.

Here's a review. And here's an essay from Alise Wascom about being in this anthology.

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