Rough Magick

rsz roughmagickfinalcover

I am very excited to present the cover for the upcoming anthology Rough Magick that I have co-edited with the fierce and brilliant Jessa Marie Mendez.  Jessa and I have stories in the anthology and there are haunting, sexy submissions by the likes of Laura Lee Bahr, Mary Pauline Lowry and Ashley Inguanta. This cover was desgined by the model in the picture, Logan Brendt, and photographed by Danishka Esterhazy. Danishka had come by to shoot a promo for The Singing Bones and snapped this shot casually in my trampoline! We hope you find the stories as filled with otherworldly beauty as Logan is here. (Logan has a piece in the anthology, too).  Rough Magick is a kind of companion piece to 2011's Love Magick but it is more carefully curated (we wanted Love Magick to be very inclusive) and there are less stories. While Love Magick was about love in its many incarnations, Rough Magick is exclusively about the darker aspects of love and sex.  Look for a release date as an ebook around Halloween.