Romance Of The Manse: Shooting The Singing Bones

This weekend I went to San Francisco to watch Danishka Esterhazy shoot a short  film based on my story "Bones" from The Rose And The Beast.  It was one of the best weekends of my life. I am so grateful to Danishka, her husband Jonathan, our beautiful actors, Katie Polley and Michael Klinger, and the crew from Scary Cow productions. plus incredible make up artists and background. Here's a video of the house.

rsz img 2719

rsz img 2690

Here is the house of Derrick Blue, the music producer who seduces The Girl.

rsz img 2666

The production designers, Joe Sikoryak and Agata Kamler, made special liquor labels based on my book titles, Ecstasia, Primavera, Moon Harvest and The Waters And The Wild.

rsz img 2733

Here is Derrick Blue's blue cake baked by Joe.

rsz img 2678

Tiny Frida Kahlos on the altar from Agata's collection.

rsz img 2713

The art directors made gold records for Derrick Blue featuring band and album names based on my books and my life.  This "band" is  Jack and Irv, a reference to my father Irving Alexander Block, and his writing partner Jack Rabin.

rsz img 2707

My shoes broke so I "had" to buy new ones for the shoot. I'm barefoot in the first scene.

rsz img 27521

Danishka and Jonathan opened their home to me.  I gave them roses and treats from Tartine but they deserve an unlimited supply.