Questions 9-12: How to Structure Your Novel

to  kill a mockingbird theme

Here are the last four questions. I hope they are helpful. See if you can apply them to your own work. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!

9. What is the biggest crisis of the book? (Dark night of the soul). How does it test the character? In TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, perhaps it is the shooting of Tom Robinson, when Scout realizes the corruption of the world. This serves to open her mind and heart.
10. How does the climax demonstrate a push toward the resolution of the character arc? When Scout is saved from Ewell by Boo Radley she realizes the true nature of good vs. evil and not to fear what she doesn't know or to judge someone just because they are different.
11. What is the theme? Can you state it as a cause/effect sentence? If...then... Can you state theme in terms of character arc (and survival?)? If we open our hearts and treat others with kindness and morality and as our equals, if we protect the innocent, we will mature into wise, content adults in spite of the evil in the world.
12. How does the resolution of the book reflect the theme? Scout is safe and loved with her family and she has a friend—Boo Radley—and an open heart, all of which will help her "survive."