poem #1 unedited straight from my head

The Witch

She's there all the time with her poison apple heart
She can't help the fact that she's aging while the young girl grows every day
white skin showing the blue map of veins and lips like five pink petals
but the witch, she could stop peddling deadly combs to rake the scalp with arsenic
She was there when I was that girl too
telling me I wasn't beautiful
even when my hair fell over my shoulders, my skin unlined and my eyes were green
instead of this undefinable muddy something
I believed her and when I asked if I could cut my hair she let me
When my skin broke out in red bumps she pretended not to see
Her portraits covered every wall and still she wept
when the king went off to paint the village maids
Beauty doesn't make you indestructable
as once I thought
there will always be a Snow White
coming along like that young actress
who made love to the set with its faeries and tangled roots
with its forests and white stags
shared more chemistry with the world than the hot huntsman
and made the director's model wife delete her twitter account

There will always be mothers pleading with mirrors
This is my advice:
Take your heart from your chest and examine it
Let it bleed in your hands
talk to it softly as you might once have spoken to a lover
or a white stag
or a mirror
do not take a bite
or try to choke her with it
sing to it
then return it
to the empty
cavity of your chest

flb 8/18 please post your poems below


  • Exitonpch Saturday, 18 August 2012

    Explaining I could try explaining then the word s...

    ExplainingI could tryexplainingthen the word spreads out like an oil spillletters stretch more than an old waistbandthat no longer quite holds inwhat it's supposed to"Ex" as in former"plain" as the nose on my face or that placewhere rain falls or not-vanilla yogurt"ing" as in dyslexic gin I should be drinkginand it loseswhat it was supposed to keepthis explainingdropping keys down the culvertbutter-side-down floor toasta quiet confidenceThe look in your eyesif I could see them, if you could tryblinking the wet out of the wordme explainingand let me see them againbut I can't make sensethe syllables jumble themselves upa sibilant S, a glottal G, a misshapenword too often leaked outexplaining doesn't spelltrusthttp://exitonpch.blogspot.com/2012/08/explaining.html

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