My Friends And I Love Book Soup

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Here I am with Adam Greenberg (whose upcoming book My Best Friend, Hildegard, from Dangerous  Angels Press is a subversive, sexy, surreal and wonderfully anachronistic story of medieval mystic Hildegard von Bingem and her gay best friend), and the lovely and talented Sarah Herrington and Ashley Inguanta before Sarah, Ashley and I were about to do a reading ( I read from Beyond The Pale Motel) at my favorite L.A. Bookstore. Here's a blurb I wrote for Book Soup:

Book Soup opened in 1975 when I was a kid obsessed with the magic of that shiny street called the Sunset Strip.  Located there, under the seductive billboards, and surrounded by record stores, health good restaurants and boutiques, the tiny book store appealed to me as a budding writer. Years later I was warmly asked to read at Book Soup every time one of my new novels came out.  I attended an author dinner with my publisher and the late Glen Goldman, Book Soup’s original owner, and was struck by his intense passion and dedication as one of L.A.’s preeminent and innovative booksellers.  When I want to set up an event that other stores might shy away from (a reading with my students, a reading from an anthology I edited and self-published, a reading with a stellar cast of Hollywood actors for my un-produced screenplay of Weetzie Bat, (see below) a mini writing workshop) I call  my favorite book store and they generously support my latest endeavor.  In fact, the store offers 300 community events a year through their author event series. They hire locally, support local businesses and schools and partner with local theaters and venues to bring great authors to town. There is something so simultaneously cozy and glamorous about this little oasis crammed with my favorite novels signed by my favorite authors and with the most beautiful, sexy fine art and design books on the market.  The staff know their stuff and can hand sell every book in the store.   They're smart, knowledgable and always up to something fascinating. And the most interesting clientele haunt the narrow spaces where books aren’t stacked; you never know what famous and infamous film or literary celebrities you might run into.  I love Book Soup and it deserves all the acclaim and support a bookstore can receive.

So many of my favorite things are at Book Soup.  Here are some pictures of my favs that I took during Indies First where authors help out at independent book stores:

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Pretty Stationary.

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My kids and my favorite childrens book, Home for a Bunny.