Muse Workshop With The Oracle Of Los Angeles, Amanda Yates Garcia

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This Saturday, The Oracle of Los Angeles, Amanda Yates Garcia, and I had a workshop to call in the Muse. The enchanting women that attended filled my living room with wisdom, beauty, talent and spirit.

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Here is the Oracle, Amanda, educating us on the history and origins of the muse. The original muses were Mother, Maiden and Crone, born of Zeus (ego/self) and Mnemosyne (Memory). We discussed the need for vulnerability and allowing chaos and disorganization in the creative process.  Also the need to court, love and cherish the muse.  Amanda had everyone charge a treasured object on the altar and she served a magickal brew in my grandmother's mismatched china teacups.  She then lead us in a meditation to meet our muses. Mine lived in a rose quartz palace and looked like me (in my headshot with hair and makeup, not in real life) which surprised me because in the past my muses have been the men I'm sexually involved with at the time. I think this signifies progress! My muse was very interested in my creative business ventures, perhaps more than in my writing. She told me "Eat, rest, rely on the non-erotic relationships with men in your life, take care of your children, take care of me, I'm fragile, I'm a bird." A tiny bird had come right up to my window screen before the workshop began. It sang and sang. I've never had a bird come that close to the house before!

After the meditation, I discussed everyone's writing project with them.

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Here are the gifts Amanda gave everyone, little pouches with carnelian stones. 

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Amanda is a wonderful tarot reader and magician so if you want guidance, contact her!