Make Out In Culver City

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Raw  Strawberry Cheesecake

I love to eat raw, vegan food but there wasn't a beautiful, affordable place near my house. Then Make Out opened on the downtown Culver City plaza next to the movie theater and across from the Culver Hotel.  The idea behind Make Out is to provide convenient, mostly raw, plant-based food that you can grab on the go. I asked why they chose Culver City for their flagship store and they cited the close proximity to Sony but also the unique beauty of the space with its high celings, natural light and foot traffic accessibility.   They painted it white, including the one raw brick wall, and installed white marble  table. There are always fresh flowers.

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Fresh Flowers On Marble Every Day

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Little Marble Tables With Hydrangea and Lilies

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Baba Ganoush Flatbread

The food is remarkably fresh and delicious, especially the Pizza Flatbread, raw cheesecake and kelp salad. It's also fairly reasonable, although the juices are a bit pricey. Still it's nice to be able to grab a "Culver" (watermelon, cucumber, fennel, mint) or Coachella (cucumber, beet, carrot, pear, parsley, spinach, ginger, lemon  ) on the go or to sip one on the lovely patio in shade of the Culver Hotel. One of the beautiful owners, Claudia Gonsalez, explained that Makeout's high end juicer and fresh, organic unpasteurized ingredients explain the slightly juice cost.  I'm sold.

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Pizza Flatbread

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Makeout Interior