Love Grows Slowly: A Poem For C.

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Love grew slowly You thought it started that moment he was driving you to the airport and pressed down on your hand the whole way, so hard that it hurt

When you discovered you both had picked out the same names for a boy and a girl

When you wore pearls and a veil and danced in a canyon


But it really began when he comforted you after the first miscarriage

And cried with you over the second


While the Native American flutes played all night in the delivery room above the city

Love was slowly growing while you were lying in the hospital bed and woke to see her huge blue eyes staring at you through the glass and you called him at 2AM just to marvel

While you held her in your arms night and day for a year and pretty much forgot about anyone else

Until the night he came home from work drenched with rain, falling into your arms


When the second baby was born, making your forget everyone else in the world for another year


Love was growing, secretly, silently, even as you screamed at each other

And there was blood on his hands from the glass

When you said you might leave

And he said, “I’d be sick with grief”

When you left, even then


When he came over near tears and you told him to get to a meeting

While you sat together at your injured child’s hospital bedside

When you had the third surgery in so many years

And he made you juices and smoothies and stayed and talked without running away


Love grows

Not with the flowers he bought you

Or even the kisses or even the laughter

Love grows as you realize you’ve known him for near-twenty years

As you realize he’ll always be somewhat unknowable

So different from you

Yet somehow strangely, exactly the same


  • Super User Friday, 11 September 2015

    there is something to be said for the familiar: how, even in the dark, fingers can tell what is comforting ~

  • Super User Saturday, 12 September 2015

    heartbreakingly beautiful

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