Latest Updates on Classes With flb

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Francesca Lia Block, winner of the 2005 Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award and author of over twenty-five books, has had her novel DANGEROUS ANGELS featured on TIME Magazine's The 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time and NPR’s 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels. She has been teaching privately and at various institutions since 2007.  One of her students raves, "Francesca's novel-writing workshop was an absolute joy. She gently nudged our little half-baked ideas into big delicious possibilities, and guided us through an exciting first-draft and revision process with a keen sense of audience awareness and soul satisfaction. Her insights are spot-on, her critiques generous, her wisdom as big as the world." ~ Tracy DeBrincat, President/DeBrinc Inc / Freelance Creative Consultant and Author, Troglodyte (Elixir Press), Hollywood Buckaroo, (Black Lawrence Press)

Francesca has been busy collaborating with director Elgin James on a Weetzie Bat film project.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

She'll be teaching her popular online workshop How To Structure Your Story in 12 Easy Steps, starting September  7th, 2015. Students may submit up to 5 double-spaced, 12 pt. font pages per week.  The cost is $500.

Suggested Reading: WIRED FOR STORY by Lisa Cron. 

Francesca will be starting an in-person class Sundays starting September 19th for ten weeks from 1-4 in Culver City, CA  Students may submit 10 pages per week.  The cost is $500.

Some students may be eligible for scholarships.

Finally, Francesca is available for speaking engagements and private manuscript critique. You may submit your pages as a hard copy. Please include a SASE. The charge is $150 an hour.  Francesca will read the pages, give you line notes and a summary letter and send everything back.  An hour phone call or in person discussion is also possible after you have read the notes.  You will be partially billed in advance. Francesca usually reads about 50 pages her hour, although this is subject to change, depending on your manuscript.  Inquire if you would prefer to submit electronically.  Please inquire at for more information.