It Girl Of The Week: Rachel I Hate Blonde

rsz hollywoodbarbie1

Rachel is a New York City It Girl living for the long nights in white faux fur, drinking champagne and listening to her lover play rock n roll.

She has a tiny apartment in Chelsea with an old French double door balcony where she does all her dreaming and watches the moon as much as she watches the people below. Her father left her his old record collection, which she keeps on the fireplace alongside burning white candles and an old Bowie poster. She sleeps in an all white bed under a sheer canopy by the window, makes French espresso and champagne truffles for breakfast.

Rachel spends her days creating content for her magical blonde blog, where she documents her adventures and creates dreamy photographs. She often stays in hotels in the city, just for a change of scenery.

This New York girl is in love always, with the flowers, Central Park, the Village, the people, the thigh-high boots and soy cappuccinos she carries on the subway.

She will also be *starring* in the Weetzie cookbook with recipes by Carmen Staton coming in about a month!