It Girl Of The Week: Globelamp Elizabeth Le Fey

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This is Elizabeth Le Fey of Globelamp.

“Elizabeth Le Fey’s cosmic consciousness roams between the psychedelic whimsy of Syd Barett and a menagerie of ethereal, somber folk music inspired by Karen Dalton, Vashti Bunyan, and Conor Oberst. It’s an enchanted tone that comes to life on eight-track recordings about childhood and death; a story she tells through a folkie psychedelic murk colored by the forests of California and Washington, her endless curiosity about everything from spiders to tarot cards, and a broken heart. As Globelamp, she’s a golden-haired songstress, known for her short stint as the white witch of Foxygen, and the burbling of her cosmic brew of dourness, floral imagery, and the painful story of losing her best friend. It’s as if she grew up reading German fairy tales and J.K. Rowling and listening to equal parts Grace Slick and Stevie Nicks. As a result, her music wraps around you like a 19th century burial dress covered in sunflowers. Songs like “Breathing Ritual” evoke a space-age Americana quality, with down-tuned guitars and the gothic allure of a teenage Kate Bush and the murmuring of a traveling artist caravan. Her debut LP ‘Star Dust,’ released in June, includes “Constant is the Calling,” a mystical folk song that includes a melody that evokes classic American musicals and nursery rhymes. Her new single “Washington Moon,” co-produced by Joel Jerome, tells the story of her California roots sprouting in Olympia, Washington, where her experience as an intern at K Records in 2010 evoked her warrior-like, punk spirit. “Washington Moon” sounds like a journey through a moonlit night, dipped in nostalgia and a restless homesick quality of a traveler. Le Fey is also a scrappy survivor, a story she tells in songs like ’“Daddy’s Gone” and “Casino Song.” She’s also a spirit looking to connect with her native land–lost between the solemnity of nature and a bustling big city. Globelamp is her attempt to remain honest, in a dishonest land.“ -Art Tavana

Elizabeth Le Fey 9721 RT

I met her when she answered my Twitter call for models to wear my Dangerous Angels T-shirt. She let me use her song "Daddy's Gone" for the video trailer Dia Felix made for Beyond The Pale Motel

And we are  working on another secret project with Metalia and Dame Darcy.

Elizabeth Le Fey is pure magic.