Guarding The Moon

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In 2003 I published Guarding The Moon:  A Mother's First Year about my daughter, Jasmine Angelina.  Now she is a beautiful young woman.  Today, Peabody-award-winning genius journalist Ben Adair is going to come over to interview me for his First Time, Last Time podcast. Ben asked me  "When was the last time you felt beautiful?" This question brought up many feelings.  It also led to a discussion of mothers and daughters and body image. Here's a brief passage from Guarding The Moon:

"For years I had run for miles and miles and  almost starved myself until my periods stopped.  Then, after losing two babies, I prayed to be pregnant with a stomach round as the moon.  Now my arms are  twiggish and the skin on my belly hangs loose. Blue veins show throught the skin of my breasts, and spider veins mar my legs.  My hair is still shedding, my eyes tell how long I have waited for this child to come. And yet, cuddled with the most beautiful moon girl in the world, I do love my body now.   Look what it has survived.  Look who it has trought to us. --Guarding The Moon, Harper Collins Publishers, 2003

See another picture of Jasmine and the photo of me at twelve that Ben will be using here:

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  • Super User Thursday, 17 September 2015

    this book meant the world to me when I was pregnant with my son Garret and so scared of all the "what ifs".

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