Gala Darling's 2016 Almanac Includes My Morning Prayer

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Gala Darling asked me to contribute a ritual to her 2016 Self Love Coven Almanac. Here is my morning ritual:

I wake and reach for my rose quartz prayer beads. I say this prayer:

Illustrious Tara, please be aware of me
Remove my obstacles and quickly grant
My excellent aspirations 

I am ready, willing and able now
To experience change,challenge, growth and opportunity
With grace, courage, faith and ease
Knowing I am loved, supported and connected
To the eternal, sacred and devine

I dedicate this practice to all sentient beings
May we be happy, healthy and light in body and spirit
May we be safe and free from injury
May we be free from anger, affliction, fear and anxiety
May we learn how to look at ourselves and others with the eyes of understanding and love
May we be able to live fresh, solid and free
May we be free from attachment and aversion but not be indifferent

Then I count the prayer beads saying “Om tara hamsa” until I reach the beginning again.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous 2016.