First Promo Photos From The Singing Bones, A Film By Danishka Esterhazy Based On My Short Story

rsz tsb poster

Here are the beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and highly gifted Katie Polley and Michael Klinger as "The Girl" and "Derrick Blue."

rsz thesingingbones

I wrote the story "Bones" as part of my collection of fairy tale retellings, The Rose And The Beast.  It is an emotional story for me  because the nameless main character represents the sense of loss, isolation, and loneliness, and the self-destructive tendencies, of my late teens and early twenties.   When Danishka Esterhazy shot her adaptation The Singing Bones in Oakland this last weekend, I was transported forward into the world of her fairy tale and backward into my past.  As I sat behind Katie Polley, while Michael Klinger seduced her with blue cake, blue drinks and his blue gaze, tears filled my eyes. Katie's stunning, fine-tuned acting skills and the fascinating way I was situated made me feel I was reliving my painful past through her, facing my seductive self-destruction embodied by a gorgeous, charming and intelligent young actor playing a Bluebeard-like character.

The cathartic aspect of theater is something I've never been so fully aware of.

This is one reason I want to work in film. Perhaps nothing is more powerful.