Have you ever been afraid of change in your life? I am in a time of immense change.  As I try to finally get the Weetzie Bat movie off the ground with the help of director Elgin James, publish more adult fiction, continue to teach my current students and come up with new class ideas, and build my brand using social media, I often feel overwhelmed. Especially since I'm also a full time mom.  My dream is to build a creative collective in which I teach writing classes, work with my students to publish their writing alongside my own, sponsor social events for writers and other artists, produce  merchandise based on our work and short films and features. When I get afraid that this is too much to take on,  I step outside and look at my garden. This is what I found over the course of a short time:

rsz img 0900 

img 0952

img 0978

img 0983

Nature is not afraid of creative growth and change. We shouldn't be either!