Bowie On Death

Bowie taught us so much about music, poetry, art, fashion, movement, sexuality, acceptance, empathy, persona. And now he has given us what is perhaps the most profound lesson of all: how to die with perfect grace.

  1. Work right up until the end, even if you feel physically and mentally exhausted.
  2. Get support from a trusted few but keep your private affairs private.
  3. Get a great photographer to take your picture smiling in the face of death.
  4. Leave your message to the world clearly stated.
  5. Embrace your mortality. Let it be the impetus to create.
  6. Surround yourself with your loved ones.
  7. Leave a legacy of work that comes from your heart and soul and expresses who you truly are.
  8. See death as an adventure.
  9. Love.

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