Beyond the Pale Motel: What Every Woman Should Give Her Best Friend

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Beyond the Pale Motel was included in this list: Eight Books Every Woman Should Give Her Best Friend by Mary Pauline Lowry.

"In Beyond the Pale Motel, Francesca Lia Block writes in the signature lush style that made her Dangerous Angels series so enchanting, but this new novel explores sexier, darker and more dangerous territory. A hair stylist named Catt tries to solve the mystery of a Hollywood serial killer targeting women. At the same time, Catt's flings with men she barely knows and her attempts to reach an unattainable beauty ideal become forms of self-harm. Like a loving -- and lyrical -- best friend Francesca Lia Block reminds us to treat ourselves with gentle loving care and embrace the beauty in being vibrant and alive. A gorgeous, fast-paced, flawless novel. Long time Block fans and new readers alike will be enthralled.If you want your bestie to be on the edge of her seat--and love herself more when she turns the last page -- then buy her this book."

It would also be awesome to be able to give it to her in purse form!  Here's one that Mary had made by Viva Las Vixens.

This book means a lot to me. It's an erotic thriller in the tradition of In the Cut and Looking for Mr. Goodbar.  Though it's very dark, my belief in the transcendent spiritual power of love is still at its core.

Nicolas Sage photographed Jasmine Jade with the Viva Las Vixens bag and a dress by Fete.