Loquats And Bougainvillea Through The Window: Writing On The West Coast

"When I got started, you didn’t necessarily need an agent and could even send unsolicited manuscripts directly to publishers. My first book sort of flew into the hands of my editor on gossamer wings. Now there are many gatekeepers, and it seems like some of them have been taking steroids. But the independent publishing movement is growing stronger as a result, and Orange County is a hotbed of activity for writers and artists who are doing their own thing and forging their own possibilities outside of the conventional wisdom. This entrepreneurial spirit seems to be a tradition here, a cultural value that creates the character of this particular point of geography."

Samantha Dunn gave me the honor of doing a piece for Coast Magazine. It's about life as a Southern California writer. Read it here.

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Where else can you look out at loquat trees and bougainvillea when you write?