A Sneak Peek At A Secret Project

rsz hunter and maria

On Sunday, I saw Diary of A Teenage Girl at the WGA Theater. What do you guys think of it?  I liked some of the animation early in the film, I liked the acting and I loved the final message and image but I felt disconnected somehow. Which is strange because it's about the daughter of a single mom growing up in San Francisco in the 70's.  She even jumps on her bed to an Iggy Pop song and makes out with a poster of him! The film deals with her sexuality quite frankly and there are some beautiful moments, like when her room seems to float in a sea of stars.

After, I came home and the lovely and amazing Maria Andreotti shot the talented and extremely handsome Hunter Garner in my living room for a secret project. Maria and I have worked together before. She did the covers for Love Magick and Lay Me Out Softly, as well as some of my head shots.

See another shot of Hunter here:

rsz hunter 2