#7 suza scalora fairy

The Dead Girl

we're very popular these days
why wouldn't we be?
smiling in the photos before we were taken
young pretty and missing
but there's another reason
(we'll tell you, later)

well the ancient greeks liked us, too
we're in almost all the fairy tales
but those guys brought us back to life
with just a kiss
or transformed us into something
a flower or a tree
or, at least, like shakespeare, immortalized us with poetry
(it's not always that simple)

think of the transparent coffin, the wall of briars
think of the lake filled with flowers
where our hair floats like the roots of water lilies
these may be pretty images but we're so alone
we suffered more than you the living
will ever know
and even if you kiss our lips
we'll still taste like a glass box
(and soon we'll start to rot)

but you'll keep worshiping our memory
we hold a mystery you sense but haven't solved
in us She is carried down through time
(in us She lives)


  • Mika Jones Monday, 27 August 2012

    This is the poem that for me to start writing agai...

    This is the poem that for me to start writing again today....thank you

  • Ashley Elizabeth Saturday, 25 August 2012

    #7 I smell cinnamon in the air the sweet scent of...

    #7I smell cinnamon in the airthe sweet scent of nutmeg and the laughter coming through the windowoutside to where I am sitting, waiting for snowflakes and the temperature to drop I feel it in the air tonightthe season's changingthe leaves are falling changing color and my hair is beginningto feel thin and frizzy a sign that we are nearto shorter dayslonger nights and I can wear my scarvesin reds, greens, fuzzy and silk not that I have a silk scarfbut it would be nice.

  • Yajaira Saturday, 25 August 2012

    They warned me about you about your charm and your...

    They warned me about youabout your charm and your promisesbut still I fell into your bedand gave you everything they would have me keepfor someone elseor for you if you were ever honestthen you played mad and they believed that it was for meand would play Cupidbut no...you took for granted that I lovedand shed my blood and drove me madI could not bear my lonelinessnor the darkness you stored meSo I fell deeper and deeper stillNow you weep upon mepromise and proclaimbut I belong to the water, to the columbines and the daisies

  • Molli Gould Saturday, 25 August 2012

    Evergreen surround me I've been inside my hous...

    Evergreen surround meI've been inside my house with the branches I dragged in and the cut sunflower for 89 centsan orphan seeking her earth motherthinking crazy in a traffic jamabout abandoning my car to pick the sunflowerson the side of the roadmy feet are restless to go running through the nightthere are no coyotes and rattlesnakes, but there are dangerous men out there so I remain in my house like a zoo animalwho dreams of their true wings, their strong limbs, their pointed teeth.Like them I was somehow born out of my element.If I were to wake up in the middle of a forest, how long would I lie there, wondering if my instincts would ever return to me?How would the land look when I finally got up to survive?To follow the earth rhythms that set my instincts in motion again?

  • Imogen Saturday, 25 August 2012

    I failed art. I had a knife instead of a paintbru...

    I failed art.I had a knife instead of apaintbrush and no sense ofproportion.By what means can youbecome (clean) the palimpest,turning scars into flowersbecoming a garden of a girl,a landscape instead ofabstract expressionism

  • anaisbelieve Friday, 24 August 2012

    i let myself become a tributary i cradled silver ...

    i let myself becomea tributary i cradled silver and goldthe mercy shown by any other cupid dreaming of an arrowto loose to learn to loveyouquicksilver desire changing shape andcolour in front to mei held out both handsi held out my reservationsand became a beckoningsireni let myself becomea tribututaryi cradled silver and goldbreathing heavy mercuryi begged for the arrowto pierce the cold fogwithin me to allow meto taste fully the fig juices parting.

  • francescalia Friday, 24 August 2012

    chills of wonder

    chills of wonder

  • Jessa Marie Friday, 24 August 2012

    7. autumn's daughter my body is changing slou...

    7. autumn's daughtermy body is changingsloughing the dead skin of summerbrown bitsashchlorinated epidermisyanking out the dead rootsfrom my scalptangles of blackthick coarsepretty if onlyif onlyif onlypetrified toenailsstripped of colorfeet calloused from my journeyfumbling towards fallwrap myself in jade seaweed and spa clayi am not a summer girlthe season everyone slathers themselves in oilso they can have skin like mineand my sacred beaches are overrunhot dog wrappersdirty diaperssix pack rings to stranglei hide underwater in chemical bathsbegging to escape the noiseat the expense of my beautyrecuperationin reflecting poolspeople are mad in this heatfortify their hate with bullets and steeliconic buildings sprayed with bloodsacrificial lambs of industry(he died a week before the leaves turned)i was born on the first of octobernot long after midnightushering in the month of ghostsgoblinsheadstonesroteven the exhausted trees take their restbrown bitsash(he was born just afterdia de los muertosi live in this eternal celebrationof memoryboneslegends)i don't think many understand my darkness withinit was born when i was borna womb within a wombi have birthed many demonsi give them homes with a single stroke of my pen(i much prefer the snap! of leaves underfootto the snap! of plucked nerves finally losing their hold)i wrap myself in soft knits andheavy bootsand drink frothy soy lattes to nourish my senses(vigilance is key)i comb my hairor cut it all off(i shaved half my head onceduality duly notedit was the first time i felt likemyself)anoint it with oil and pray for forgivenessi wear lipstickso my words emerge ascolorsblazing ruby and bronzerisesuspended in sunlight just long enough to catch your eyei go to the gym and run(on the elliptical)i don't mind sweat in the dense seasonmy body feels usefuli must regain the strengththe monstrous summer sun has burned away(vigilance is key)i am autumn's daughterfear and i areuneasy we embrace and hold handssometimes she lets me beother times, not so muchghouls come out to playchildren wear them like dead animal peltsand demand candysweets to appease their suddenanxietyfear makes us junkiesah, i think(sucking on a lollipop and contemplating itsartificiality)so that's where we get it from.

  • Krista Friday, 24 August 2012

    i'm wearing green today as i run through trees...

    i'm wearing green todayas i run through trees and underbrushlike i'm a baby deerfrolicking on my way to the librarymy mother asleep in our denthe hill ahead deceives mei run down the wrong path, a tree aheadi barely dodge and roll to the bottomcradling my kneethe forest becomes a parking lot,the sun i was racing disappears completelyand the street lights tower ominous, i thinkthis must be a nightmarei wake, but the pain says i've brokenand the doctor says it's just a twist

  • Teddi Friday, 24 August 2012

    empty shell girl where is your soul did you lose i...

    empty shell girlwhere is your souldid you lose itgiving too much awaydid you forgetwho you werefake it so much that you couldn't tell what was real anymore anywaydid you bury yourself under lily padsmossy reeds, and evergreensbeneath layers of fuschia and lavender flowersare you hiding behind the long hairyou were asked to grow outor the extensions you needed to buywhere are your eyesunder glimmer shimmer shadowslined like an ancient Egyptianartificial blush flushlips a straight linebecause you lost your smileunder the debrislost in the forestlost in the pondlost insideis it coldcan you see a reflection

  • Exitonpch Friday, 24 August 2012

    Tomorrow I'll dream of you tomorrow when the ...

    TomorrowI'll dream of you tomorrowwhen the final leaf has brownedonce all the blossoms witherand the drums of winter soundBut while green and pink still trumpetand colored notes stay warm the daytendrils curl the sun into themto foster leaves in which to layI'll dream of you as daylight softensremember strength flowed in our armscovered paths and covet heartsI'm sure you whispered for my charmsWith a crown I've left you dazzledCheeks purple and yellow bloomto face Apollo's dimming locksat summer's end, gathering gloomin shadows hides plainly;we needn't wait for snow to drapeas your eyes open to nothingfollowing the act of rapeI'll remember you tomorrowbut forget your warmth todaywhy you ever trusted meis for none to say

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