The Prince

she never dreamed of him
if she had he would have startled her awake
the image sucked back into her unconscious before she could capture it

she dreamed of lesser men
and when she saw him
standing in the dirt against the hot summer trees
admiring her silver shoes
she could not even imagine
that he would touch her
with more than his hot summer smile

but later he would hold her
before the mirror
showing her the combined creature
that their bodies made
something so taking-of-breath
she could hardly recognize it
for her head was light
a-spin with a storm
of wings and flowers

later still she would run from him
afraid he would see what she really was
and leave her
so she ran first
down the steps of her dreams
back to the cellar
hiding amongst cobwebs
doing the witch's work
but growing slowly stronger day by day

it would be a long time before she had the dream
of his palace of gray marble
furnished in crystals tall as he
and tables topped with pools of lotus
floating and pink as her hidden self
it would be a long time before he held her again
and she did not deny that he was really there
and she did not run


  • Imogen Saturday, 25 August 2012

    http://angelusnoir.deviantart.com/ especially have...

    http://angelusnoir.deviantart.com/especially have a look at http://angelusnoir.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d42btu7you may like the fact that this is what happened when i gave her one of your books

  • Imogen Saturday, 25 August 2012

    I'm taking your title as inspiration. The Pri...

    I'm taking your title as inspiration.The Prince.Godmothers are a rarity, along with witches withrecipe books full ofspells of transmutation,transformation, inspiration,or kind forest spirits,or magic mirrors,or ever afters.It is perfectly valid for meto question the qualityof princes these days.And I, who wouldn't know what to dowith glass slippers, whodances in black boots,who doesn't wait, who doesn't sleep,who doesn't quite believe inever afterwonderAre there punk rock princesin stranger kingdomswith mohawk crowns?Are there rock and rollprinces who slaybeasts with songs insteadof swords?Are there princeswith wicked smiles tolet down my hairand wake me with a kiss?

  • Yajaira Friday, 24 August 2012

    (Late again T_T) I dreamt of you saw you clearly...

    (Late again T_T) I dreamt of yousaw you clearly across the nebula where souls commence their journeys back to flesh and boneI felt your presence, your intentto come to me right now it is so easy to forgetthat you loved me firstlove me enough to have be me your guideits easy to forget that we're divineand that our souls promised love along with hardship and strifebut no worries I will remember always that love brought you to meand in times when you pull awaylove will bring you backbecause I dreamt you coming to meacross the nebulalove a tether

  • anaisbelieve Thursday, 23 August 2012

    1967 red paint peel the pride he felt smothering ...

    1967 red paint peelthe pride he felt smothering me ingasps of giddinesswe pushed ourboots on the roofand swam until our lips grew bluestrummed our snappedstringed guitar onthe broken shelled shorebuilt a fire with our poorprinted lyricswe’ll find the meaningof life by twenty threewe used to thinkarguing about the validity of NietzscheI don’t believe in Godone of us would sayand the other wouldgasp in giddinesswhat a thing to saywe still thought he waswatching

  • Molli Gould Thursday, 23 August 2012

    collections of teacups antique frames fake roses s...

    collections of teacupsantique framesfake rosesshabby chic furniturelost photographsfound at antique storesI used to breathe and do yogato cook myself healthy foodto bake myself cookies, buy myself flowers now I leaf through old books and chain smokeand dust off my collections of broken miniature tea setsI have utterly given up on Lovepainted up my face like geishas and porcelain dolls, danced, and filled my life with beautiful things and diamond ringsI opened up my arms with a smile and openness, my heart dangling from a diamond pocket watch.Still no Lover came to me, still no lover comes.I surround myself with boxes now, becoming a russian nesting doll, there is no yearning or pining, no lossjust numbnessknowing the next man who comes to me will break open the stone cold where the stories hideand they will fly loose with the curses on my lipsthen he will leave me alone, but not meaning he was ever with me, just leaving my dreams of him to smolder while he never arrives to begin with.

  • Ashley Elizabeth Thursday, 23 August 2012

    #6 Time was not kind before he knew it-- it had g...

    #6Time was not kind before he knew it-- it had gone and fighting to get it back he realizedno time machines exist here time only continues to move forward, one direction, only memories living in the pastin the pages of a bookin photographs on smartphones but time keeps moving onand the fight keeps going onwe keep moving on.

  • Jenn Thursday, 23 August 2012

    The Great Deluge if knocked over would your stren...

    The Great Delugeif knocked over would your strength spill (lava-thickonto the floor,creep/drip through the floorboards? orflood into the house (in rapidspush us up through the atticthe strength of your strength holding us uplike a championif your strength just kept spillinglike BPwould our livelihoods be endangered (ruined?would your strength's strength sprout another?another strength?what are we? three strength's deep?is it infinite? is it strength all the way down?what about you? and saving yourself.or would you drown in your own deluge of greatness?

  • Exitonpch Thursday, 23 August 2012

    Stand So I stand still as a prince waiting for th...

    StandSo I standstill as a princewaiting for the ball to beginwaiting to dance with the well-coiffedwell-heeled well-sated baronswho wish nothing more than my healthto flop like a fish before them.In these hands are my feet.I walk with blood and boneyour face my pathyour body my escapefrom the stones I'd be picking insteadfor them to grind me into dirtif I did not walk for them with these hands.Only the earth strikes backlifting rocks into my ribsand there is no running.So I standand get ready to walk.

  • Krista Thursday, 23 August 2012


  • Krista Thursday, 23 August 2012

    you remain only my perception of our relationship ...

    you remain only my perceptionof our relationship based onco-dependence.i feel i revealed all of meyet don't have a full graspor image of you.you fade in and outa series of contrasting bright lights,lips, shadows, angry eyes.you frighten all of usbut you don't really mindbeing a monster, onlyfrustrated that you can't hide iti've moved on, tried to bea kinder person and to neverlet my limbs stop reaching,to touch rays of the worldabsorbing its knowledge and beauty and occasionalsinister man who i convert chemically within my cellsto be a part of me where heremains an abstract nounglued together by ligamentsand blood and fragmentedremembered glimpses of soul

  • Teddi Thursday, 23 August 2012

    with fists clenched in front of him he's in a ...

    with fists clenched in front of himhe's in a poseis this what we do? pose for a picturepose for a lifethis is how i want to be rememberedthis is how i want you to see meyoung, strong, fierce, brave, courageouslook againslightly yellowed from ageripped corner torn offstereotyping masculinityhasn't changed that muchis it ok for a man to share he's gay?won't he still be punched with his truth?how many hide behind a manly pose?someone else's idealssomeone else's dream for himis he still fighting against it?

  • Jessa Marie Thursday, 23 August 2012


    http://www.coatesandscarry.com/artists/marco-mazzoni (the always amazing Marco Mazzoni)http://www.juxtapoz.com/Reader-Art/reader-art-tod-kapke (Tod Kapke, especially the 1st, 2nd and 4th pictures)

  • Jessa Marie Thursday, 23 August 2012

    i feel like this whole set would be relevant to yo...

    i feel like this whole set would be relevant to your interests. they are so gorgeous. The one I was originally going to post about is the one of the woman and horse towards the end, but all of these are amazing.http://thefrenchmouse.blogspot.com/2012/03/anka-zhuraleva.html

  • Jessa Marie Thursday, 23 August 2012

    6. k.o. i picture you like ricky ricardo watching...

    6. k.o.i picture you like ricky ricardowatching the big fightyour wife in the kitchen smokingtrue blue cigarettes with the rest of the ladiesyou, chugging your Budweiserwiping your lips with the back of your handmuch like the men on the screenhydrate, hithit hit hitmuted squishy thumps of the gloves meeting chest ear face temple chindamagewhooping at the spectaclefight, i think you told them. fight.settling bets.where the fuck was your fight when you needed it?where were your reflexes?instinct?curled fists ready to deflect the stealth blademaybe if you knew that other woman was going to butcheryour name like your neckyou would have actedbut your chest was already concaveemaciated with defeat of your own makingyou brought yourself to the brinkyou took off your gloves right there in the ringabsorbed the blow and let it expand under your skinwaves of fleshk.o.k.o.k.o.i will hear the sick thud of your body hitting the canvaseven when i am oldand my hearing is no longer all that goodand my children's children tease me affectionatelyabout how deaf i amk.o.k.o.k.o.1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-101-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10the prizefighter who threw the matchwho forgot how good it felt to wink.o.k.o.k.o.1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-101-2-3come on.4-5-6please.7-8-9get up.10

  • francescalia Thursday, 23 August 2012

    please send links to your favorite images for insp...

    please send links to your favorite images for inspiration and i may post some of them. dark fairy tale stuff preferred but not necessarily. keep writing. thank you for your words. love flb

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