and the beast

i dreamed of three beasts in a cage
anger, lust and jealousy were their names
somehow they escaped and prowled
around my feet their growls
made my bones shake
i could not run so instead
i bent and spoke
in softest tones
soon they nuzzled me like pups

next i was in a sea
caught far out, where the shore?
strange prehistoric birds swam by
with terrifying glinting eyes
in which were mirrored
every fear
one a burning tower
from which bodies flew like ash
one a disease of mutant cells
one a child
with x-ed out eyes

i've tamed many creatures, many beasts
but not
every one
not each


  • Exitonpch Wednesday, 12 September 2012

    Peace If there were one day poor peace could walk...

    PeaceIf there were one daypoor peace could walk aroundshow his real face to the suncatch a few raysand a burritonot have to keep to the shadowsinstead we see the beastthat bully, war, gouty at his laden tablehis girl sprays on her beauty and fits well in stretch pantsit's the good inside she waits forisn't it, if only peace wore a Rolex, drove a Priusevery princess waiting for her princewith a quaint bungalow on the West Side, beach closeso may as well hang outeat well, have a laugh, go to yogawait until peace shows upliving with the beast isn't so badrumor is he has a heart of gold

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