Remember when w...

Remember when we lay together drinking wine from the amphora and you played your lyre and sang to me
Our lips were stained and then my breasts
The cypress trees swayed ever so slightly and even the birds stopped singing to listen
When I was stung by that serpent of our tragedy and carried way beneath the earth
Where no thing blooms
You came to find me but I was already Hades’ girl
You could charm the trees, the birds, the boatman and all those walking dead but it was not enough
Even your song could not save me
Only my own will ever bring me back to life
And if those maenads of lust dismember you and you become a tree
I will lie at your roots and feed you with my blood
And in this way again will we be one


  • Anonymous Monday, 31 January 2011

    Eurydice is my favourite!

    Eurydice is my favourite!

  • A Devil Undercover Monday, 31 January 2011

    "You came to find me but I was already Hades’...

    "You came to find me but I was already Hades’ girl"This resonated with me. Well, the whole poem did. So so beautiful. I look forward to your blog posts so much.

  • Karmyc Photography Monday, 31 January 2011

    Wow I love this; "serpent of our tragedy"...

    Wow I love this; "serpent of our tragedy" is brilliant! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful poems, Francesca..I check your blog multiple times a day.

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