bluebeard had enticing eyes, large and deep and dark
as lakes, as shadows
he was graceful on his skateboard and had a throaty laugh
he said,
"i never noticed you
until the day you wore those high-heeled boots
and then i thought, hmmm maybe her?"

he took me to his chamber
and wooed me with sweet wine from fountains
and with dance and music
the lyrics went, "tear you apart"
but i chose to take this figuratively
the speak of pop, not literal

he did my portrait
me smiling at him dumbly
like an animal unaware of slaughter
he brought me swooning flowers
took me to dine in canyons
strung with fairy lights
and where coyotes howled

i let bluebeard do to me
whate'er he wanted
i let him into places
no one had been
i wrote him poems everyday for months
and he responded
with emoticons

when bluebeard sent me home
alone in the dark
when he danced with another while i watched
when he refused to acknowledge me in public
even with a glance or smile
i should have known
should have been grateful
instead i stuck around
one day too long

what frightens me of bluebeard
is not that he killed me
but that i let him


  • Ashley Elizabeth Wednesday, 05 September 2012

    Alice never thought of leaving, she never thought ...

    Alice never thought of leaving,she never thought of leaving the dinner tableand walking away, down the streettonight the rain is pouring andshe knows the rain won’t stopher whole life can fit in one tinyneon pink backpack and her teddy bearfrom when she was fivehangs out the sidelooking for love in the place she knows beston the tracks, in the snow, rain turning to ice.

  • Imogen Tuesday, 04 September 2012

    Blue Wouldn't you think twice about a man wit...

    BlueWouldn't you think twiceabout a man withhair that shade?Or did she not notice the shine in his eyes, sharpfingernails on hislong, clever fingers,so distracted by theviolent hue.Didn't her girlfriends warn her,whisperings and rumoursof ex-wives, and strange habits,strange clubs,and did hear about the one,and didn't he, and she,and they,and his hands,and his mouth,and his beard.What woman, wantingthat man, a man of secrets, ofsighs, of storieswouldn't open the door?

  • Exitonpch Tuesday, 04 September 2012

    Search When I learn to forgive myself I'll po...

    SearchWhen I learn to forgivemyself I'll post the answer onlineso I can searchand search and maybe finda thread to stitch it back together.Identity is like a circus carall those painted-on smiles spilling out without endhere's the smile you wantno, here it isdressed up in fancy big shoesa new red nose, a new blue 'do,some striped duds that fell offthe last issue of GQif GQ was written by clownsI can never forgive myselffor not being the coolest clownso if you figure that outplease offer it cheap on ebaywe'll sell a million copies make a million bucksI can buy new face paintscrape my chin bluemaybe that'll make me a clownmemorable enough to never forgiveand not just forgotten

  • Lulu Rose Tuesday, 04 September 2012

    massive sigh. xox

    massive sigh. xox

  • Anonymous Tuesday, 04 September 2012

    It is a very scary thing when acknowledge that we ...

    It is a very scary thing when acknowledge that we have allowed ourselves to be misused

  • Charlie Blakemore Tuesday, 04 September 2012

    My favorite version of this is The Robber Bridegro...

    My favorite version of this is The Robber Bridegroom. Not only does Dad sell his daughter, but the bridegroom is a cannibal. Yum yum eat'em up (no sublimated sexuality there, oh no)

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