The Sandman

i made him of black sand
still wet from the ocean
his lips were plums
his legs were small trees
his hands were palm fronds
his sex an obelisk
his ribs were the cage of an ibis

i lay my head on his chest and some grains
got into my eyes
and i dreamed
of how the sandman
came to life
slid himself inside me
and obliterated my fears for one night

oh sandman return with your dreams
but in exchange
you may not have my eyes
to feed your children
in their nest on the moon
made of iron


  • Ashley Elizabeth Monday, 03 September 2012

    Sleep, where have you gone and why are you not com...

    Sleep, where have you gone and whyare you not coming back? I need you now, my eyes are too red and my heartbeat slow--my eyes are slipping,I cannot see properly.You know this cannot last forever,nightlights and goblins and monsters under my bed when I sleep, it never arrives I toss and turn and pray to make the demonsrun awaybut love is more powerful than my insomniaand I know one daywhen I sleep I will be next to youand the monsters will watch, before growing boredand leaving.

  • Jessa Marie Sunday, 02 September 2012

    14. my lover man those lips wrapped around a ciga...

    14. my lover manthose lipswrapped around a cigaretteyou tapped the ashes on the groundbig black jeans swallowing your legsyou stretched your arms above your headsliver of hipbonecarved from desert rocki sent god a prayer of thanks(thank you,god,for giving me the gift of free will so thati chose this very short swingy tulle dressvery tall fuck me bootsand crystal lipgloss)i tousled my bob and hoped you would thinkdirty pretty thingsthose lipswith the silver ring adorning them(i'm still kind of sad you took it out)curling into that lopsided grinas we talked about religion andSystem of a Downyou ate your pad thai with relishi studied the motion of your mouth and suckedon a sliver of mangoso full so ripe like the sticky sweetthink on my tonguei tried to be good andwait, tried to be patient and let youmake the first move(the signs were all there our thighs touched and you kept fiddling with my necklace)i was tired of being good and patient, if i chased you away you wouldn't have been worth my timei kissed you(ripe sweet sticky lips)you stayedlove lives in those lipsin your wordsin that uneven smilepillowy in the pout of slumberi love that i can kiss you when i wake from a bad dream those lips are a balm, soothingmy trauma, the woundsothers are afraid to see, fucki love when yousmile i love when you press thoselush pink lips against mineso in love soin love so inlove so in loveevery word you speak ispoetry.(Blogger deleted this the first time around, so I'm re-posting!)

  • Yajaira Saturday, 01 September 2012

    He promised me sleep If only I gave him a kiss and...

    He promised me sleepIf only I gave him a kissand in my insomniac state I pressed my lips to his and he drank of meand so I slept a dreamless rest with no chaos or blissHe promised me dreamsif only I would lay with himso being quite weary of darknessI fell in his arms and felt his weightAnd so I slept and so I dreamtof love, death and himHe promised me love if only I gave my heartand so in my isolationI let him open my chest and tear out my heartand so I slept and so I dreamt and so I loved a love so pure and truei could not regret not having my heart...

  • Imogen Saturday, 01 September 2012

    The kiss part 1 Your lips of sand And mine of Cra...

    The kiss part 1Your lips of sandAnd mine ofCracked glass -You cannot bleed likeMortal boys do,Won't cut youScar you,Severing fleshAnd tendon.And this kiss -You brokenCannot shatter me.Mirror, mirror, on the wallWho can make you fallBut not apart

  • Krista Saturday, 01 September 2012

    we walk together along the beach talking and watch...

    we walk togetheralong the beachtalking and watchingthe seagulls flyover us in searchof ocean scrapswe head to the housein the evening anddust off our shoesat the door and washour feet in the tubwe play 80’s musicon the television whilecooking spaghettiand we play cardsfor quarters, but givethem back to eachother at the endwe huddle on the porchin the night chillwrapped in a blanketsome of us smokingcigarettes and drinkingvodka mixed withpurple gatoradewe fall asleep onfold-out couches andwhen we wake wewalk to the beachwe repeat each dayfor a week beforepacking the carand driving 15 hours home to mark ourcalendars and count downto our next vacation

  • Exitonpch Friday, 31 August 2012

    Elixir Poseidon sends foam lips to kiss my feet e...

    ElixirPoseidon sends foamlips to kiss my feet each time I visit.The drops say: watch this! and proceed to grabbits of stone, pebbles, boulderswhen I don't noticegrind them every dayuntil I look up, or rather downat the crumbs now sticking to my anklesto be reminded by the rumbling voiceHere you are.Sand is a liquidhe saysthe elixir of memorywhere else do you remember the blinding glintthe scent of coconut and saltyour love's handclenching at the snap of a wavewhen else do you face eternity(he ignores Zeus and all the stars at night, of courseand Hades' freshly dug dirt)He makes me smile when he talks that waymouthy wet sandmemory sticking to my waist bandand irritating when least expectedbut which, when finally washed clearstill returnshere you are

  • Kristie Tarin Friday, 31 August 2012

    Ahem, pierce

    Ahem, pierce

  • Kristie Tarin Friday, 31 August 2012

    The beat pulses through my veins Quivers through m...

    The beat pulses through my veinsQuivers through my bloodHips swaying side to sideRainbow bathing suit cover dress slithering sensuously against skinI lift my eyes to hisWarm chocolate gazing at my movement"Dance with me."But he does not Grains of his soul slip into my hand as I brush his cheekSo young yet so scaredHe knows he will disappearVanishDisintegrate If he joins meThe salt burns my eyes as I beckon PleadJust one timeTo make me happyTo free your lightTo be metamorphosized by my loveHe watches my crystal rivers travel down smooth skinHis breaks off chunks"I love you."He whispers as he rises Spins me close enough to feel the silicate razors piece my skinLike he has speared my heartWe dance And little by little he disappearsUntilHe is GoneA glass heart rests in my palmAlone or apartWe are forever in each others heart

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