#11 one third done

twelve dancing princesses/soul sisters (for all my writer friends)

aurora, larissa, jenna, mckenna
jessa and laura and mika and sarah
natalie, melanie, ashley and mandy

how did they find each other?
across a map of light
that connected souls
words they recognized
sending out the signals
bruise, burn
until they danced forth from their secret rooms
across electric continents
to the wicked witch's ball
they stayed all night until feet bled
they were locked up
and bodies fed
with tubes

the only thing that saved them
were the words they scrawled
revealing all
for freedom can't be kept
from a girl (or twelve, or more)
with pen and wall


  • Imogen Saturday, 01 September 2012

    Abduction aka the Changeling Each morning she wak...

    Abduction aka the ChangelingEach morning she wakesLost, longing, Alien.Through the toast, toothpasteCoffee there is a stranger tasteFilling her mouthMemory of a dream.There, she remembersThere was musicHallucinatory, shivering throughHer. She shimmered, beneathStranger skies, feet bareOn soft, wet grass,slippery with sweat,Starlight in her hair.In petal soft gowns she spun,Lost in arms ofMoss green, Ocean blue,Furred, feathered,Scaled, horned, crownedWinged, flyingFloatingShimmer, oh shimmering.She wakes, she wakesLost here in cars and concrete.Surely somewhere, there isSome other her, A simple mistakeBeneath strange skies, andStrange eyes, a girlWho longs to flirt But not to fly,Who needs Manolo's and notThe dirt under bare feet.Some other me.A simple mistake, anEasy fix.Come take her homeTo where dreams still shimmerWhere she can danceAnd she canShine, oh, shine.

  • anaisbelieve Friday, 31 August 2012

    a row of shivering minnows we waited shifting our ...

    a row of shiveringminnows we waitedshifting our paper thingowns to cover ourimagined weightthere are scales toface backwards,cuffs that betray whenour blood pressure dropsi plummet down inside myself, abstract conceptslike electrolyte imbalancesmean nothing when pressed against a thinnergirl i wait.

  • Krista Thursday, 30 August 2012

    her soul rises from her body covered in rhinestone...

    her soul rises from her bodycovered in rhinestonesreflecting off a mysterious light sourceand she floats through the ceilingcoming to rest on a floor covered in softgreen grass instead of carpetone side of the room is paintedas a night sky covered intwinkling glow in the dark starsand on the other side is a miniaturesun that glows purple and orange,but she knows it’s a real sunshe can feel the warmth on her skingrowing as the room grows

  • Jessa Marie Wednesday, 29 August 2012

    11. dirty ghost girls we levitate float through t...

    11. dirty ghost girlswe levitatefloat through this worldon gossamerour opacity is testedbarbed remarkspierce the organsscathing commentsmelt the skinwitness the withering of the heartsend our spirits to the starsweigh our bodies withcasual misogynyeach catcall a shackle(mwahmwahmwahc'mere baby)we hover above ourselvesand try so desperatelyto pull the iron chains from our limbsyou fear us(the word "no" is your kryptonite)reach into our bodiesmanipulate the blood and tissueflowingit is disgusting workacknowledging the depth of themechanismthe complexities of science(hey, i thought that was men's work!how did so many of you get it so wrong?our vaginas, so unworthy of proper study,yet you can't keep them out of your mouths.)i am a dirty girli eat too muchi used to smokei am not ashamedi get my period and i don't really mind itjust another signalmy body is so magicalcelestialworking in concert with the moonand the tides(i'd be jealous, tooif i was disconnected frommyself)i have fucking stardust in my veinsall you have is hateand i have been smothered by it in the pastby men who fear passion and intelligenceby boys who couldn't accept that a penis is not a magic wandby women and girls who internalized the message,you are less than(let it go, ladies,it doesn't serve any of us well)you cannot hold meyou cannot control mei am a dirty girl,as in,a girl who is made of earthas in,a girl who bleeds and releases and doesn't really give a fuckkeep your hands cleanyou are not worthy.

  • Jessa Marie Wednesday, 29 August 2012

    3 3

    3 3

  • Exitonpch Tuesday, 28 August 2012

    Star http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGK84Poeynk ...

    Starhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGK84Poeynk"We are made of starstuff."Carl SaganStarThere are some secrets that are knownonly from the outside.How electrons orbit their nucleisomehow an atom spits off photonswhich sparkle in the belly of a fireflyor reflect from a lover's eyeswhile she takes you into swim, to drownif you're luckyreborn in her bloodsome happenchance, some magicthat might grow legs and a laugh.But mystery is the same everywhere:a high stone tower, an oaken door, vines from a tiny seedcan yet crack mighty boulders and lissome shoulders clear as sunlightensorcel.She has stars in her socketsthat don't set just because lids shutthey glitter in the dark, infuse her skinas though she pearls them out like sweatand no matter where you arethe memory of that lightwill find the crack in your resolveleaving you sleepless, panting, questioningif stars have left heavento inhabit her

  • Ashley Elizabeth Tuesday, 28 August 2012

    We were meant to dance among stars and gather secr...

    We were meant to dance among stars and gather secrets to take home with us you arrived in the middle of the night, a storma dark storma storm I'd never seen before all I wanted was to follow your happily-ever-after voice, soothing as I to you tell me your past, as I share with you mine--you taught me to listen to the starstheir tears, their music, their painI felt the universe weeping and all I wanted to see were planets dancing among themsimple spheres in the skyI try to tell my mother but all she says is "nightis nothing but night" but you provide the magic I need to prevent myself from bleedinginside, on the outside, in the middle of the nightyou make me understand that time travel is nothingwithout you-- the only thingI want more than you is the light in your eyes when you tell me the universe only weeps because it is lonely we are drifting alongno gravitylistening to their secrets.

  • Savannah Chanel Tuesday, 28 August 2012

    So it is, That my vibrant smile Be stolen Because ...

    So it is,That my vibrant smileBe stolenBecause I love?Too muchAnd I envy your passionI hope it is not more than meSo it is,That my eyesLakes of purity and moonshineBe drainedBecause I love?Too muchAnd I would starve For your attentionAnd I doSo it is,That the blossom from my cheeksBe plucked petal by petalBecause I love?Too muchMy porcelain skin fadesIf you dared to touch me,Which you don’t,My heart and skin would shatterBecause I love?Too muchSo it is,Now I am some hopelessSkeletal thingMy hair is as limp as a dead fishBecause I love?Too muchI have allowed myself to be chainedWhere has the once free bird flown?She is no longer here.I feel myself becoming a ghostYour passion is more than your loveSo it is,And I resignBecause I loved Too much.P.S. I agree, with all of my heart, with Miss Lulu Rose. :)

  • Lulu Rose Tuesday, 28 August 2012

    xoxoxoxox as many thanks as there are stars! etern...

    xoxoxoxox as many thanks as there are stars! eternally, cosmically, grateful for the magic that you weave, spinning nest of lessons and courage. you teach us how to breathe. xoxooxxox

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